The Power of Visual Art: Why It Should Be a Part of Your Daily Life

Why is it so important for us to invite visual art into our daily lives?

Did you know that being surrounded by art in our everyday lives has numerous benefits, which is why at Lalita's Art Shop, we always work with artists from different disciplines to illustrate all our products.

Our mental health: First of all, it can contribute to improving our emotional well-being by offering us a source of inspiration and creativity in our environment.

Our creativity: Art can also stimulate our brain and imagination, helping us think more creatively and find innovative solutions to problems.

Our open-mindedness: In addition, visual art can allow us to better understand and appreciate cultural diversity by exposing us to artwork from different countries, periods, and cultures. This can help us develop greater tolerance and open-mindedness.

The beautification of our environment: Finally, visual art can also have a positive impact on our environment by beautifying public spaces and contributing to the creation of a more pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

That's why we need art in our lives now more than ever!


We have been talking to you for some time about all the positive effects art can have on you, and I hear you asking us, "Ok, yes, but how can I concretely invite art into my everyday life?"


Here are some practical tips and tricks for living in a more artistic and creative world!

Create a dedicated space for creation: Whether it's a corner of your living room, a whole room, or an office, creating a space dedicated to art can motivate you to spend time creating and exploring your creativity.

Use art objects in your interior design: Incorporate works of art into your environment, by hanging paintings or arranging sculptures in your home or office. Instead of going to the local deco store, where all the reproductions are the same, try to encourage artists you know!

Art by Kevin Bouchard


Otherwise, there are a plethora of online stores that offer decor items illustrated by artists, here are a few:

Sur ton mur for prints by Quebec illustrators and Eyes on Walls, which offers more urban art prints like Camilla d'Errico!

If you're looking for curtains, rugs, furniture, and more, Society6 ou Redbubble is the reference.

Or go directly to your favorite artist's website and we're sure there could be posters of their work that you could get, and you're supporting them directly!


Art by Claude Thivierge 

In your favorite hobbies: When you go to get a new puzzle or board game, choose ones that are illustrated by artists.


Art by Marie-Claude Marquis


Wear art: Wear artistic clothing or accessories to express your creativity and personality.



Art by Julie L'Ecuyer

Follow artists on social media: Since the advent of social media, we have finally been able to take art out of museums and galleries and given an incredible platform to artists, so have fun discovering them on Instagram!

Art by Zaire


Go see art exhibitions: Visit art galleries and museums to see exhibitions and discover new artists and artwork. This can inspire you and give you ideas for your own creations.

Art by Marie-Claude Marquis


Try new things: Don't be afraid to try new things, whether it's a new artistic technique, a new genre of music, or a new type of book. Experimentation can help you find new sources of inspiration and thrive in your creativity.


I hope these tips and tricks will help you live in a more creative world and invite art into your everyday life!


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