The Hello, my name is... Graffiti collection of Lalita's Art Shop Temporary tattoos was illustrated by professional street artist Ankhone. this set on real art, fake tattoos includes 8 removable tattoos, a young man and a girl holding a spray paint can, a yellow hand doing the same, a big 80s radio, the “ Hello, my name is” tag, a beautiful girl with pink hair wearing a crown and a skull wearing a baseball hat.

Hello, my name is... Temporary Tattoos

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Fan of Graffitis and Street Art?  You are going to love this very cool collection of Real art, fake tattoos designed by professional Street Artist, Ankhone!

Illustrated by Street Art Ankhone, this sheet of 8 removable tattoos includes 2 teens holding a spray paint can, 1 graffiti, one big yellow hand about to spray paint you, 1 “Hello, my name is” tag, 1 80s boombox radio, 1 beautiful pink hair girl wearing a crown and a skull.  

Lalita's Art Shop temporary tattoos are safe, non-toxic and printed with vegetable based pigments, compliant for use in cosmetics. Our tattoos last on average between 2 to 6 days. 

Size : 2 x 4 inches