6 Touching Ideas to Move Her on Mother's Day

6 Touching Ideas to Move Her on Mother's Day

Mom. Perhaps the word that humans utter the most in their lives. Mom, as in a need, a worry, an overflow of love, a comfort, an intrinsic and profound feeling of being connected.


Connected to another human being in a way that cannot be replicated anywhere, not even in a laboratory. A string that could be colored to fill the world with unalterable colors. A devoted love, devoid of expectations. Tireless.


The author of contemporary poetry and a figure of Canadian feminism, Rupi Kaur, perfectly depicts this bond that unites mother and child in her collection "Milk and Honey."

"I'm really trying

to understand

how someone can

devote their entire soul

their blood and energy

to another person

without asking

for anything

in return."

"I guess I'll have to wait until I'm a mother," she concluded.


And this person who gives us everything, without asking for anything in return, except perhaps to see us happy, completely forgets themselves. Mothers too often forget themselves.

So, since it won't be possible to celebrate them as usual for a second year in a row, imposing distance and the absence of warm dinners we share with them, we've decided to create a list for you: "6 touching ideas to move her on Mother's Day." Just to inspire you to make Mother's Day a sweet and beautiful occasion for your mom.


Be creative!

I'm a mom, and I'll let you in on a secret. We truly love your crafts and drawings when you're little. At any age, anything our child creates touches us. What touches us is the love that emanates from this effort, sometimes a bit wonky, from our children's creations, even when they're grown. So no matter how old you are, offering a DIY to your mom is always a must.

You can paint her a canvas or a ceramic that she'll use every day! Our blog and Pinterest are full of beautiful and practical DIY ideas. Go ahead, give her pottery, clothing, Marseille soap that you've transformed into laundry detergent, a tote bag with a design you've created—anything that comes from you.



A chef's gift


Do you know how many meals your mom has cooked in her life? I dare not think about it! And what if you took advantage of this Mother's Day to prepare a really nice meal for her, at least three courses, that you can deliver to her instead of being able to share it with her!

It could be a picnic basket filled with a variety of local products to taste and discover, all accompanied by wine or craft beer.

You could also prepare her a great dinner, brunch, or a world discovery meal, such as an Egyptian, Danish, or South Korean dish. In short, something to make her travel in these times when she's isolated! You could also wrap up in a nicely decorated box the cookies she used to make for you as a child, you know, the ones whose smell will always remind you of the warmth of her arms?


A garden

And what if you created a small herb garden for Mom? A beautiful wooden crate filled with green shoots that exude delightful aromas and enhance the kitchen with succulent flavors! Speaking of succulents, you can also create a beautiful arrangement of these charming and easy-to-care-for plants, even for those with the least green thumbs in the world. A collection of cacti is also really cool!



Since it's the "Confined Mother's Day 2.0," we thought it might be a good idea to offer Mom or Grandma the memories she missed! She misses you, and we're pretty sure that what she misses most in the past year is being present for all those little moments of life that make happiness.

So, we open up the computer, we go hunting in our smartphones, and we create a photo album of everything she missed! Baby's first steps, the living room fort on Friday nights, bedtime routines, meals at McDonald's. In short, all the little funny or touching things she would have been delighted to witness.

Psssst! We suggest inserting notes for each of the photos, anecdotes, and thoughts. We also stick in the kids' drawings, integrating everything we'd like to share with her!


The tech thought

Now's the time to get creative. We grab our iPhones and film video clips to tell her how much we love her and how much we miss her. We can even dress up, put on a show, basically, we give her a piece of ourselves.

We put it all together in our video editing app, insert her favorite music, and send it to her with a heartfelt handwritten letter. Her heart will melt!


Here and now

We offer her little things so she can spend time relaxing and living in the present moment. Our puzzles, which also include artwork to frame, are perfect for that!


We can also offer her coloring books, crafting materials. Creative things that invite her to pause and give herself some self-love, something she often forgets to do.


We hope our suggestions have inspired you, and that you now have a head full of ideas to celebrate Mother's Day as much as your mom gives you love every day.

From the whole team, we wish you a sweet, full of love, and memorable Mother's Day in confinement 2.0, despite the current situation!




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