Grow-With-Me Beanie
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Lalita's Art Shop Grow-With-Me Beanie. This printed artwork beanie is light, comfortable, unique et super strechy. Your child can wear it season after season! With its bamboo lining, it is the perfect hat to wear under the helmet in winter!

Grow-With-Me Beanie

Our Grow-With-Me Beanie are the perfect fashion item to accessorize your child's outfit! Finally, a hat that your child can grow with and can wear season after season! 

Lalita's Art Shop printed artwork beanies are light, comfortable, unique and super stretchy.  In addition, it becomes the ideal hat to wear under a helmet in winter by its lightness, comfort and its bamboo lining that allow the skin to breathe and the excess moisture to be absorbed.

Lalita's Art Shop Grow-With-Me Beanies are part of the most beautiful-growing collection of kids' products created by artists.