How to create an art gallery like on Pinterest?

How to create an art gallery like on Pinterest?

How not to completely fall in love with the art gallery-like walls that we see scrolling through our Pinterest feeds? Boho, chic, or farmhouse styles, they quickly captivate us! And how can we democratize art in a more beautiful way? It's hard to imagine. Plus, it's a cost-effective way to enjoy art. That's why we've decided at Lalita's Art Shop to include a piece of artwork in each of our illustrated puzzles created by one of our artists!


So, we wanted to help you get inspired and learn how to create your own easily!


  • Organizing an art gallery-style arrangement on my wall.



First and foremost, you need to know how to create one of those colorful and incredibly chic walls. The first step is to choose OUR wall. Ideally, it should be a wall that receives natural light, in a space that we want to highlight. The idea is to frame the highlight of the room within the decor. We want a "wow" effect, we want it to make a statement, and we want to draw attention to this artistic area. The wall behind our couch can bring a grandiose look to our living room, while a wall selected in the hallway or staircase adds elegance to an often neglected space.





How to do it?


Here, I offer you 3 options to help you create your artistic wall arrangement.


The template method: The most effective in my opinion! We use a pre-designed template created by experts. Depending on the desired effect, we replicate the suggested arrangement of frames. Here, I used the ones created by, which I found easy to reproduce!


(Gabarit par


The hands-on method: Do you already have your frames? Fantastic! You can use the provided "templates" or papers within your frames and have fun sticking them on the wall. You can play around with the arrangement and visualize the future result concretely! You can also decide to lay out your frames on the floor and have fun creating an arrangement that is easy to project onto your decor.

 Here is an exemple of hoe to use the template, this one is by forevercottage blog

(Credits Forever Cottage Blog)


The digital method: This method requires a bit more time, but it can greatly help those who have difficulty mentally visualizing their project. You take a photo of your wall as well as your artwork and then use an application like Photoshop or Canva to play around with arranging your frames. This way, you can have a clearer idea of what the project will look like once completed.


Choosing your style!


I think this is the most exciting step because it involves defining and "shopping" for the type of art that resonates with us! Personally, I love everything eclectic. I find that it brings a beautifully chaotic yet organized artist's studio style to the home. However, I believe the important thing is to focus on the vibe we want to create in our decor! In my home, we have a recycled farmhouse style, so a gallery-style wall definitely enhances the overall look in a radiant way. However, it's worth noting that an art exhibition-style wall blends perfectly with all styles and decors. In a sleek and modern space, it adds warmth and breaks the feeling of emptiness. Whereas in a small apartment with colorful furniture, it brings grandeur and a sense of chic.


I have curated various styles for you so that you can find all the inspiration you need for creating your own home art gallery. Also, remember that all styles can be mixed to create a vintage flea market or collective art studio look, which I adore! And don't forget that any type of frame can work! In fact, repurposing an old gold frame that Grandma has had in her basement since 1973 can give your decor a completely unique and amazing look!


The photo exhibition


For those who capture moments and want to add personality to their decor, a photo exhibition is a wonderful way to showcase our children's photos in a chic and organized manner, dedicating just one wall to these precious photographs of our lives!

Inspiration de la talentueuse Minette Hand

(Credits Minette Hand)


Discover the world of Krista Horton

(Credits Krista Horton)


Farm house, the warmth of a cozy home.


Wood, whites, raw fabrics, and woven baskets that complement rooms adorned with comfy, reclaimed, and transformed furniture bring calmness and softness. And when you add a wall of artworks of our choice, it makes the space even more inviting. It's where it's enjoyable to cook or snuggle up with a good book.

(Credits Brooke and Peony)


The sedentary boho


Yes, the boho style is everywhere, and it has long been associated with people who have a nomadic tendency. But adopting the boho chic style at home, in your decor, also means embracing comforting objects, nature, and the handmade aspect. Both warm and dynamic, an artistic wall in the boho style is ideal for displaying our travel memories or feel-good objects at home, creating a space where we feel like settling in and staying.


(Credits The Design Files)


The misunderstood


Hallways, room corners, and stairs are often forgotten spaces where it can be intimidating to create a decor, mistakenly believing that they might appear cluttered if filled with objects. But that's not true! A hallway or staircase can actually appear larger if we give them some love and purposeful design. The result can be stunning, and the only rule to follow is to frame the space to create a distinct area. The desired effect? Giving presence to a neglected and often bland area!


(Credits Wit & Delight)


(Credits Helene Norman)


So there you have it! To wrap up, I'll give you one of my tips that I started applying several years ago. Do you want to declutter your fridge, which is filled with magnetic drawings from your children? How about doing the same exercise and framing them, creating a real exhibition of children's art on one of the walls at home! It's a great way to value art in your children's daily education and add a family decorative touch to your nest. Give it a try, and you'll see that the result is quite surprising!


(Credits At Home)


Don't forget, a wall of artwork is first and foremost a way to express our identity. So, have fun and create!


Catherine Parent


Lalita’s Art Shop


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