Gift ideas for spending time and playing as a family!

Gift ideas for spending time and playing as a family!

Christmas is at our doorstep, and the gift-giving rush is beginning. If you're lacking inspiration to fill the hearts of your loved ones who share your life, we have in our store a selection of games that will delight both young and old. Designed for shared moments and to create unforgettable memories, our games will accompany you during your winter afternoons around a hot chocolate, and even during your summer evenings under the starry skies. Without further ado, here are some gift ideas to bring happiness into your home and create unique moments with those you love!



ART.ZY FAM.LY is a modern twist on the classic "Game of 7 Families" celebrating the diversity of today's families! This really cool game is illustrated by our artists, inviting children to discover and identify with various characters and different family models, helping them build a better perception of themselves and the world around them!

It also includes a set of 6 customizable cards to create a unique game that reflects you! Get ready to create unforgettable memories with your family!

Psst: You can also order even more order even more customizable cards for even more fun !



Do you not know about our flagship game, MISMOLet us introduce it to you right away!

MISMO is a game of discussions, associations, creativity, and speed. It guarantees unforgettable laughter! This game of creative associations helps develop the abstract thinking of your child, teenager, and even the adults you play with, as well as their ability to make "pitches" to assert their ideas! It encourages you to make connections, exercise more abstract judgment, and see an object beyond its shape, color, or utility. The goal is to be the first player to find the most characteristics that unite the items illustrated on the OBJECT cards and find the most differences that distinguish them!

Mismo is an exceptional game because it opens up discussions on more abstract topics, stimulates cognitive functions, and allows players to make connections between different things. You will love playing it with your children, nephews, and even your friends!


Memory Game: Discovering Little Creatures


Our memory game is a genuine educational tool that will pique curiosity while stimulating the ability to remember, both for the young and the young at heart! There are 4 rule variants available to accommodate players of different ages. Illustrated by our artists, this evolving and educational game will take you on a journey to discover the fascinating world of invertebrates. One thing is for sure, you won't look at insects the same way again!


Our unique puzzles!


Here's something to keep you occupied on your winter Sunday afternoons, all while watching a good movie or listening to your favorite music : Our puzzles from Lalita’s Art Shop will immerse you in different worlds, and there's something for everyone! Illustrated by our local artists, our puzzles are unique; undoubtedly, you'll find the one that best matches your current mood.

Various options are available to you:

The 1 000 pieces puzzles, for the enthusiasts and those who love challenges

The 500 pieces puzzles for relaxed afternoons and evenings

The 200 pieces puzzle for the younger ones

And for the little ones, our absolutely adorable Rainbow Unicorn puzzle! Your children will love it!   

... And since we're talking about rainbow unicorns... We have a gift idea in the store that will melt the hearts of both young and old, our DIY 3D paper Sculptures Rainmbow Unicorn  and our Selfie Panda !



 If you and your children love craft activities, then you'll fall in love with our 3D paper sculptures directly inspired by the illustrations of the artist Kevin Bouchard and Claude Thivièrge. No need to be skilled with your hands to assemble these too-cute works of art! Simply cut out the pieces that are already numbered, fold them, assemble, and glue them to bring this colorful unicorn or adorable panda enjoying a popsicle to life. These sculptures, on their own, will enhance the decor of a room in your home or your child's bedroom!


We hope that these small suggestions will give you some ideas to put under the Christmas tree! Get ready to bring joy into your home by creating magical moments with those you love!



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