Inspiration BOOST: The Animal Painter Claude Thivierge

Inspiration BOOST: The Animal Painter Claude Thivierge

Your "Inspiration Boost" tickets showcase the artists of Lalita's Art Shop and celebrate their work! As we love to introduce you to new talents and give you a little boost of inspiration in your day, we invite you to take a quick 2 minutes to get to know them and get lost in their universe!

For the month of February, we have chosen to introduce you to the animal painter, Claude Thiviergeand let you discover nature through his eyes. You will uncover a perfect nature with striking realism, down to the tiniest details, through his animal paintings, which have earned him a prominent position in the field. His exceptional work has led him to collaborate with renowned institutions such as the David Suzuki Foundation, Discovery, National Geographic, and to illustrate a series of national stamps as well as several pieces for the Royal Canadian Mint.


Introduction! In a few words, who are you and what do you do?

I am an artist who would have loved to be a hockey player but chose to live a poor but happy life! Just kidding, I am a visual artist/illustrator who has exhibited all over the world, except in Rivière-Beaudette ;-) I am an artist for the Royal Canadian Mint, the Ministry of Wildlife, "National Geographic," and more. I have also illustrated numerous stamps, hundreds of books, encyclopedias, and other works worldwide. What truly impassions me are animals in all their artistic forms.


Has painting always been your favorite artistic discipline? How did you come to work with it?

Yes, but I started with oil painting, which I didn't really enjoy. As someone who works with transparency and color layering, I prefer the pigments and drying time of acrylic paint.

Apart from painting, what other mediums or disciplines do you enjoy working with at the moment?

The good old pencil is still my favorite! I am incorporating more and more pastels into my works, and I am also working digitally to a greater extent.


What subjects do you particularly enjoy painting? Why?

Rocks and dandelions! Just kidding, animals in all shapes and forms!


Name three artists who have had a significant impact on your work and why?

Salvador Dali for his audacity, egocentrism, and talent. Rembrandt for his mastery of light.

In Quebec: Jean-Luc Grondin, a Quebecois animal painter, who opened my eyes to this form of art, and Dominic Besner for the richness of colors in his paintings.


What is the best advice you have received as an artist or the most important thing you have learned that you wish you had known at the beginning of your career?

"Get a real job!" This kind of advice motivates me to push myself and prove the complete opposite! ;-)


Do you have any projects you would like to share with us?

I am currently developing a painting style, still featuring animals, that is more contemporary and allows me more creative freedom. It's a more dynamic and permissive style... In other words, I can go beyond boundaries when it comes to color!

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New collection

For the new AH2020 collection, Claude presents a collection that reflects his style, where butterflies take center stage! It's a feminine collection featuring a pink and violet beanie showcasing three majestic butterflies, perfectly matching with the tube scarf. It's the perfect "kit" for girls and their mothers in alpine skiing, providing face coverage or simply for having fun and enjoying the outdoors!


To know everything and not miss anything about Claude Thivierge's work,

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