By Sophie Wilkins

By Sophie Wilkins

Originally from Quebec, Canada, Sophie is an artist active on the Montreal and European art scene. She has been dedicated to her art since 2003.
Passionate about drawing since her childhood, she now uses different mediums in her work, such as acrylic, oil and charcoal powder. Although she devotes herself mainly to her paintings, she is also involved in street art and the film industry where she creates custom paintings for movie sets.

Present in several festivals and art galleries in Quebec since 2004, we can now see her works mainly in the Galeries Bartoux in Europe and in various collective exhibition projects.

She describes her awareness of life and this parallel universe that dances in her head. Through a fantastic universe, she merges in her paintings peaceful warriors symbolizing Mother Nature and animals, mainly endangered species, to raise awareness of the beauty that nature offers us all and the importance of our actions in order to save it.

Sophie characterizes herself mainly by her attention to details and her metaphorical vision of the subject.


Instagram: @sophiewilkinsarts