Inspiration Boost : Vigg

Inspiration Boost : Vigg

Vigg is a sculptor and illustrator whom we adore and have been collaborating with for several seasons. On the occasion of the release of his new puzzle "Dino Galore," we asked him a few questions to learn more about his creative process and what inspired him in this new creation. We also catch up on his numerous projects and get updates on "Ma maison casse-tête," his autobiography soon to be adapted into an animated series!


Hi Vigg! It's the second time we welcome you to our Boost of Inspiration, and we're thrilled about it! For those who haven't had the chance to discover you yet, could you introduce yourself in a few words? Who are you, what do you do, and what is your background?

Hello! Yes, so I've been a self-taught illustrator since 1999. I began my career in advertising and editorial drawing. Gradually, I became interested in developing projects in children's literature, notably with the duo Bellebrute (alongside Marianne Chevalier), and then on my own since 2020 (Ma maison-tête). I also venture into the third dimension with wooden sculptures that I create based on sketches and various explorations.


Today, we would like to chat with you about your latest creation in collaboration with Lalita's Art Shop, the Dino Galore puzzle. What inspired you in this creation, and what did you aim to convey?

It's actually a part of a larger project that I am still developing, involving the production of over thirty sculptures of prehistoric creatures in various sizes. I had created numerous dinosaur sketches that I simply assembled to fill a board with color and turn it into this puzzle, with the challenge of minimizing negative space to the strictest minimum... like a puzzle within a puzzle, if you will.


Why did you choose dinosaurs as central characters?

It's not very complicated. It's a universe that has fascinated me since my early childhood; I know their names, their periods of existence, their classification. It's probably one of the subjects for which my amazement is complete and uninterrupted. As humans, we've created various mythological universes with extraordinary creatures. In reality, dinosaurs represent, for me, a fantastic world that is just as fabulous but also very real.


If you had to name one or several songs/music that resonate with this puzzle, what would it be?

It's quite diverse, but I would probably say there's a strong foundation of Budos Band with calmer moments akin to Jean-Michel Blais and cerebral accelerations reminiscent of Jabberwocky. Along with a bunch of other things, including many film score composers like Hans Zimmer, Ludwig Goransson, Natalie Holt, and Alexandre Desplat.



Let's talk a bit about your recent developments. Has your autobiography "Ma maison-tête," which has received numerous accolades in both illustrated and audio formats, been adapted into an animated series? If so, can you tell us where to find it?

"Ma Maison-Tête" is leading a wonderful life. After receiving numerous awards in Canada and France, it continues its journey in English, Turkish, and soon in Spanish! As for the TV series, we have completed the pre-development phase, and I had the immense task of signing the graphic bible, an extensive reference tool for all visual developments in the upcoming production. The production company CarpeDiem is reaching out internationally to secure a co-production partner to fund the series next year. Timelines are long in television, but the adventure is extraordinary. Stay tuned.



By the way, do you create while listening to music, or do you prefer silence?

I'm not a big fan of silence because it never really exists. The only nuance I bring to what I put in my ears is instrumental when I'm in reflection or writing (film scores, classical piano, etc.). When I'm engaged in more mechanical and manual work, I also listen to a lot of audiobooks. I've always had difficulty concentrating to sustain longer readings over several days. Audiobooks have literally (or even literarily) changed my life, going from a guy who could barely manage two novels a year to now consuming 2 or 3 per week!



Do you have any other ongoing projects you'd like to tell us about?

As I get older, I become more reluctant to talk too much about my numerous projects. Not because I'm paranoid, but simply because I often start a lot of things that don't come to fruition (or that turn into something completely different), and I'm tired of coming across old interviews where I said I was going to build a spaceship or constantly being asked by people, "So, what about your molecular gastronomy breakfast restaurant?" Anyway, I can say that I'm working on two exciting books: a concept album (an adaptation of the youth theater play "Attention Fragile!") with Jean-François Guilbault and Liliane Boucher, which will be released by Bayard next fall, and a new one with Fonfon that I've just started writing. While not resembling "Ma Maison-Tête," it will also explore a certain inner landscape in children. I also have a lot of small sculpture projects waiting for me in the workshop, including a series of dinosaurs and pigeons! 🦖 🐦 💥

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