Art, Relaxation, and Coloring

Art, Relaxation, and Coloring

Discover great artists from here and abroad through coloring!


Do your kids enjoy coloring? Has it become one of your favorite activities to relax? We've compiled a bunch of free coloring pages created by artists from here and abroad, to introduce you to what's being done in our own backyard and even within our team of artists!

So here are these awesome coloring activities that you can access online, created by some truly cool artists who make really cool stuff for both kids and adults!

Let's go!


André Martel with Lalita's Art Shop

What's really cool here is that not only do you have an image of cute robots to color, but you also have a reading list to introduce classical music to your kids!




Do your kids prefer dragons and knights?

Let's dive into the fantastic world of knights, ladies, and dragons!

Embark on an adventure with your little ones and enjoy this moment of relaxation with our free coloring page illustrated by André Martel !





Let's Share a smile, super initiative pour offrir des coloriages autres !

 Urban art

Are you familiar with the organization  ?A community coloring project initiated in Miami by non-profit organizations
ArtCares for Kids
, the

Their mission? To give everyone the opportunity to create, color, publish, and share a coloring page.

Visit their website and discover a multitude of artists who have offered a coloring page to download! And if you're an ARTIST, why not offer one of your own works and make someone else smile in turn!

Here are a few, including local artists such as the talented MC Baldassari Artwork !





Audrey Kawazaki

Another artist we've admired since the beginning! Kawasaki is a Japanese painter who lives in Los Angeles. Her work is a wonderful blend of manga and art nouveau! She offers you 2 beautiful coloring pages to download on her website :

Discover amazing artist Audrey Kawasaki

Credits and to discover more about the artist :




Découvre les oeurves de Magritte en coloriant ! D'après René Magritte, Le fils de l'Homme, 1964.

Les great Masters !

Discover the classics of art history through coloring! Here's an incredible collection of 70 coloring pages featuring great masters that you can download!

Which one is your favorite?

Here, we love the ones by Keith Haring and Kandinsky!

To discover them, click here:







Camilla d'Errico

A Canadian artist that we love, and especially find particularly accessible for young people!

With her manga-inspired style, she creates beautiful young girls with surreal pop styles, always incorporating elements of popular culture! Your daughters are sure to fall in love with her work!

I'll share with you some coloring pages from her latest coloring book, and if you dig a little deeper into her blog, she also offers drawing activities and workshops!

Available for download on her website:

Photos credit:




Discover James Jean Artwork, Schrodinger's kitten rescue painting, a Oil on canvas from 2018

James Jean

Feeling like seeing something beautiful, soft, magical, and dreamy?

Over the past year, the artistic community has come together and shown incredible generosity! Discove an artist we love, James Jean!

He also offers several beautiful works to color! You can download them from his website,


Photos credits:  as well as the coloring pages from the blog post's cover photo


We really hope that you will be inspired by these artists and that you will have fun and relax while coloring their works! Coloring creations from here and elsewhere is also a great way to promote and democratize art!

Have a good relaxing time and happy coloring!

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