The best compact games to bring while traveling.

The best compact games to bring while traveling.

Whether traveling by plane, camper van, or train, we face the same problem: traveling as light as possible. It's impossible to bring our entire wardrobe or our large game collection. And even with what we do bring, it's important to choose each item intentionally to avoid having heavy and overflowing suitcases.

To have fun on the plane, at the hotel, or in the car, here are 10 favorite compact games that won't take up much space!


The Bougeottes cards are perfect for getting the little ones moving! These activity cards are created by a kinesiologist from Quebec with the goal of getting children active. There are dozens of different themes available, such as camping, animals, emotions... Everything is there, based on your children's interests. And as a bonus, the cards are waterproof, so you can even bring them to the beach!


The Mismo game is ideal for rainy days at the cottage. This game of differences and similarities will certainly entertain every member of the family. It's a perfect game to stimulate creativity, abstract thinking, and discussion!

How about a game Dobble Spot it ? This game is available in various themes, such as Harry Potter, Beach, Star Wars, or Classic. The goal? Find the one matching symbol on your card with the symbol on the center card (there are also some rule variations).


Rush Hour was definitely part of your childhood, right? This game is still popular in toy stores, and for good reason. It's easy to transport and since it's a solo logic game, it can keep you entertained during waiting times, like at the airport.


Magnetibook has been one of my greatest discoveries for traveling. I bought one during our first plane trip with the kids, and now we have three of them (I could easily have them all because they're so interesting). In a book format, each Magnetibook contains themed cards and magnets. The game's cover is magnetic, which keeps the pieces securely in place.


Tubes of Plus Plus, which I like to call travel LEGO, absolutely have to be in children's bags. These small building blocks in a plus-shaped format fit together to create anything a child can imagine. Letters, mosaics, animals...


An électronic drawing tablet with an LCD screen is a perfect tool for drawing enthusiasts. I hate bringing pencils while traveling because they roll, get dirty, and take up more space. Since we discovered the drawing tablet, we have gained many quiet moments with the kids. The stylus can be stored directly on the tablet (I recommend attaching it with a cord), and it's possible to lock the screen to prevent accidental erasing while the child creates their artwork. Once finished, you can unlock the tablet to quickly erase the drawing!


All of Djeco's cards game are compact and enjoyable to play as a family. A particular favorite is the game Hero Town, where your children can play as heroes!


The Hide & Seek Pirates JR game by Smart Games is another favorite when it comes to individual play. It consists of a small game board, 4 puzzle pieces, and a booklet with challenges to complete. 


The reinvented game of "Les 7 Familles", ART•ZY FAM•LY from none other than Lalita's Art Shop! A classic and always fun game, even for the whole family! In addition to the beautiful 42 illustrated cards by 4 artists with unique styles, this game offers 7 families, each more unique than the other, representing the diverse family realities of today! It also features 4 levels of difficulty and even a creative activity where children can illustrate their own family using the 6 customizable cards!



Have fun!!


Marie-Ève Lévesque

Mom explorer

Lalita's Art Shop 

As a mom of two children, I want to inspire families to embark on adventures, explore Quebec, travel, and have fun together! That's why I created the blog Marie-Ève et famille, where I share activities for all ages, adventure ideas, and travel tips with children. We're also nearing the completion of converting our van, so we can hit the road whenever we want. Let's go... We're off!

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