Lalita's Little Workshops No. 1

Lalita's Little Workshops No. 1

To help you create beautiful family moments or to keep your children occupied during this period of social isolation, I have decided to put on my old teaching shoes and share with you some creative activities and small art projects that they can do.

For this first little Lalita workshop, I suggest a quiet moment where children can color a beautiful artwork by André Martel! The same artwork that illustrated the magnificent Robots beanie !


To truly immerse your children in André and the robots' creative world, we have a soundtrack to play for them during this activity. It's the same music that André listened to while creating this image! Let your children discover the beautiful music by Thomas Newman!


To download your free coloring page -> Coloring

To listen to the WALL-E soundtrack -> Music


Happy creating!


Élise & André ! 

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