Colourful, unique and contemporary floral pattern on a multi-Use bandana made of recycled materials. This beautiful black, pink and blue multifunction headwear / neck warmer is your vacation best friend

Blue Flowers Multifunctional Tube

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The graphic-style tubular scarf is made from recycled water bottles (polyester). A true wearable work of art, this multifunctional headband for girls and women is as beautiful as it is practical.

With over 10 ways to wear it, our versatile tube is soft, stretchy, lightweight, and seamless, making it the perfect companion everywhere you go! Since they are compact and easy to carry, simply fold them up and store them in your backpack, pocket, or even waist pouch so that you always have it within reach!


Benefits of Multifunctional Tubes:


Protection Accessories: Lightweight multifunctional tubes provide extra protection for your face, neck, head, and even your arms! Worn as a headband, they protect your head from the sun, or as a face mask in dusty environments or as a barrier against insects outdoors.


Versatile Usage: In addition to their use as protection accessories, multifunctional scarves are highly breathable and moisture wicking! They can also be used as headbands or head covers to keep hair in place under a hockey helmet, clear your neck, or tie up your hair using it as an elastic during your next run. In short, lightweight multifunctional bandanas are versatile and comfortable accessories for the summer. They provide protection against the sun, heat, and other outdoor elements while keeping you cool and comfortable. Whether it's for hiking, cycling, running, or simply enjoying the outdoors, tubes/neck gaiters are a practical and functional choice.


"A great innovative company that encourages creativity among young people!! The products are durable and there's something for everyone :) "- Carl



  • 100% recycled REPREVE® polyester
  • Excellent breathability and moisture control
  • High elasticity and seamless design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Quick-drying
  • One size fits all, ideal for adults and children
  • Measurements (Width x Height): 25 x 50 cm
  • Easy to maintain
  • Designed by Canadian multidisciplinary artist Zaire


All Lalita's Art Shop products are really easy to care for!

Beanies and Tubes

Our Beanies are printed with solvent-free ink, so we recommend washing using the delicate cycle of your washing machine or hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not bleach or iron. Do not dry Beanies or the multifunctional tubes in the dryer as they can shrink.

Lalita's Art Shop Beanies care instructions