Memory Game: Introduction to Visual Arts

By Lalita's Art Shop


Lalita's Art Shop Memory game will help stimulate children’s visual memory all the while gaining artistic knowledge. The bilingual illustrated lexicon on the inside cover promotes vocabulary acquisition and is an introduction to the visual arts language learned in school! 

Age: 3 to 99

Skills: Memory - Speed - Observation - Language

Download the Game rules

Download the Question list for our Speed Game 

How to play: Shuffle and place the cards face down. The first player takes a turn and flips two cards over. If the cards are identical, the player continues to pick cards. If the two cards do not match, the player turns them face down again and it is the next player's turn. The player with the most matched pairs wins!

For young children, play with 12 cards (6 pairs of your choice), which can easily be placed face down in the box.

Four levels of difficulty to choose from: young children, experienced players, competitive players and a speed game.


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