MotifX Multifunctional Tube with POLAR
Woman wearing the Black, White and Red MotifX Polar tube by Valery Goulet for the Lalita's Art Shop 24 Collection
MotifX Multifunctional Tube with POLAR
Woman wearing the Black, White and Red MotifX Polar tube by Valery Goulet for the Lalita's Art Shop 24 Collection
Valéry Goulet

MotifX Multifunctional Tube with POLAR

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Looking for a gorgeous and elegant scarf that suits the whole family and can be worn both in everyday life and during your sports activities? Look no further, our multifunctional tube is the perfect solution for your comfort!

In addition to its stylish and trendy appearance, it offers exceptional versatility with over ten ways to wear it, adapting to all outfits and occasions.

Featuring a soft and warm POLAR lining, our scarf ensures the retention of heat around your neck and head, even in cold winter weather. Designed to wick away sweat, it keeps you dry in all circumstances, effectively protecting you from moisture.

This magical accessory makes the perfect gift for all outdoor enthusiasts.

The benefits of multifunctional tubes:


Extremely practical and highly stretchable, this multifunctional scarf can also be used as a balaclava or neck gaiter and will keep your head and neck dry during all your activities this winter! Made with materials like recycled polyester and POLAR, it wicks away moisture and offers additional insulation in cold weather. This versatile accessory will keep you warm, whether it's raining, snowing, or windy. Enjoy skiing or snowboarding sessions, hiking or snowshoeing, sledding, and skating, all in absolute comfort! Cold temperatures will no longer stop you, and you can fully enjoy your winter activities without fear of catching a cold!


"Extraordinary customer service. Quality products." - Marie-Lou


With over ten different ways to use it, you won't be able to do without it anymore! And to top it off, these polar-lined headbands/neck gaiters are suitable for the whole family! Give it as a gift to please everyone, young and adults!

It is a great practical choice over a traditional scarf, as it provides a great source of protection against the cold when doing winter activities.
It can also be an excellent winter helmet liner by wearing it as a balaclava! 


Your favorite Polar Outdoor Tube features : 

  • 100% recycled polyester REPREVE® with POLAR addition

  • Excellent breathability and moisture control

  • High elasticity and seamless

  • Comfortable and lightweight

  • One size fits all, ideal for adults and children

  • Measurements (Width X Height): 25 X 70 cm

  • Machine washable

  • Designed by the Canadian artist Valéry Goulet

Want to have the best outfit with a "Beanie and Neck Warmer" duo? 

Pair this beautiful tube with the MotifX beanie with a pom-pom!

All Lalita's Art Shop products are really easy to care for!

Beanies and Tubes

Our Beanies are printed with solvent-free ink, so we recommend washing using the delicate cycle of your washing machine or hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Do not bleach or iron. Do not dry Beanies or the multifunctional tubes in the dryer as they can shrink.

Lalita's Art Shop Beanies care instructions



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